The Mercer BetaVac range has become the industry standard for over 30 years. During this time the dairy industry has put its faith in the Mercer BetaVac design and rugged build quality. Hundreds of units have been installed world-wide with some of the biggest names in dairy. The range of Mercer BetaVac can package, 10kg (20lb) cheese blocks, 20kg (40lb) cheese blocks and Cheese off-cuts and other loose product.

Cremfields Ltd supplies the full range of Mercer Betavac products to clients across the United Kingdom and throughout mainland Europe.

BetaVac 4024 - Features

  • Lid Up Lock System - if air is lost the lid will be locked by a mechanical stop. The lid up safety is independent of the PLC, however it's operation is monitored by the PLC Required for New Zealand & Australia to meet standard AS 4024
  • Chamber safety ring surrounding the lid is designed to float, and now has an addition of four individual switches, on a twin circuit safety rated circuit.
  • USDA approved belting with sealed edges
  • Machines are CE approved
  • Allen Bradley operator interfaces
  • Help tabs to for trouble shooting & set-up
  • On/off vacuum pump control is available from the HMI
  • All models, except for the Mk2 -502, come with a 6" colour touch screen
  • AB Micrologix PLC that interfaces with safety system on the Chamber lid loss of air arresting system
  • Ethernet capability & data capture
  • Rugged stainless steel components, minimise maintenance costs
  • Sturdy stainless steel bag flap guide with pneumatic guide bar bridge to maintain correct presentation of bags to sealer
  • Fully machined (electro/pneumatic belt tensioner) for ease of cleaning, and joining of replacement belt Sumitomo "Cyclo Drive" electric motor / gear box. Soft vent vacuum valves & silencer included, reducing the risk to operators well-being
  • Machines can be handed left or right or both. An extra seal bar is supplied
  • The seal bar temperature control is very accurate, monitoring the temperature without a temperature sensor, ensuring accurate easy adjustment. When elements are changed, auto calibration is run from the HMI
  • Standard Mercer BetaVac units are fitted with an anodised aluminium heavy base plate. A stainless steel option is available
  • Norgren Pneumatics as standard - other options available on application

For more information download the Betavac 4024 Brochure

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